So how bout em Fridays?
Heck to the freakin yes amirite? Haha. (:
Now how exactly do I start this off? Well, I guess I should say thanks to all those who commented! Not minding the fact I know who you guys are in real life, but it makes me so happy to know you're interested in my life. *sniff* ; A ; Also, finally got a song playing... to which I owe that to d.n who is drama/anime/asian crazy. I'll probably change the music once in awhile, def not that you care or anything... puhaha.

So here we are, day 15/20. The end is so near I could almost "taste" it. Don't read too much into it K because I know you will. Chemistry 12 was almost as painful as it was two days ago. We're finally on the last unit and I'm so proud of myself that I didn't Asian fail yet. Besides the fact that me and d.n are always desperately looking at the time to see when the heck the break will even start, these past two days at 1:20 PM, we fed ourselves to a sexy feast. Yes, that's right. Sushi! I think I fell in love with the new roll we decided to try out at MIDORI. So full of crunchiness, hence the name "Crunchy Roll" and so full of fattyness. Seriously, who ever said diamonds were a girls best friend? I'd take this handful of ricey goodness over that any day. Yes, this is including you too d.n. I LOVE LOVE that roll more than I'll ever appreciate your own existence. Sizzzleee, you got scorched. Okay maybe that was a bit mean.. (ILU)

Anyhow.. here we are, finally at the best day of the week. FRIDAY. Though I got loads of homework, a really hard test on Monday and several health appointments with crazy old ladies, I'm a happy camper! To add onto that happiness I also found my phone! It was in the side pocket of my hurley jacket. (PHEW) Thank goodness, ohyeah, I've been driving legally now a days too! AND to add onto that, I STOLE SOMEONE'S N! (New Driver's Sticker)

I am such a badass. REBEL. BAMF <-- actually not to that point yet. Maybe just an overexcited asian chick who found the thrill of stealing someone's N. Regardless, I felt so proud of myself. (:

You have no idea how crazy it was! d.n caught it all on camera! There were two cops, a biker gang to the left of the MIDORI restaurant and a bunch of old ladies. I slyly walked up to a beautiful nice red car who had a really nice green N sticker attached to back and swiped it like a pro. (Actually, thats not how the story goes, but I gave you the really cool details of it.)

BUT HONESTLY, this was just payback. You swipe my N, I swipe yours.     


Okay, I think that was enough excitement for one whole post. Hope to enjoy the rest of the weekend and I probably will considering this beautiful weather. Will def update some other time.

See you later!

                                                             dee. the sushi enthusiast and N thief.

PS: Fridays are the best. c:

HAHAHa come steal and car and then come to me if your a badass loser.


LOL.. Like a pro..

and test on monday? MONDAY test are killers =[..

<3 the K SONG ;3


Hehe, good job on the N stealing. Don't steal mine though!


You are going to jail, thief. Don't worry though baby boo, I'll bail you out. <3



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