So guess what?
THIS IS MY FIRST POST! Haha yeah, as if that wasn't obvious enough captain. So uh, really, you're putting me on the spot here! I don't really have much to say! Well, let's just start it off this way.

I love, love, love, LOVE food. Preferably dessert more than an actual meal. I don't think I could ever pass up something that fills my tummy unless I was sick or just not in the mood. But srsly, who would pass up dessert? Also uhm.. I just recently graduated from highschool. Yes, growing up is such a pain but I guess it's necessary. It's a bit sad since everyone's going their own ways and I'm still staying here in this little wee town. Well, whatever. Make the best out of life right? Oooh yeah, what else am I forgetting? Right, ASIAN. Haha okay, that's not really important. (How bout' CANADIAN?)

All in all, to sum myself up, I've just been released out of treacherous (actually I miss it..) long years of K - GR. 12 in public schooling. I have no idea what I plan to do with my life and I'm jobless. :D

Sound's good? Haha, that's just the beginning of it.
(No, actually.. that sounds really depressing.)

Well, you get the drift. (As most blogs go about)
Now since I think I did such a terrific job on the introductory post I can now start ranting. RANTRANTRANT.

Now to end this with a catchy little thinger people often do with their blogs... uh, see ya later?


PS. I should be doing my Chemistry homework, but I'm fooling around on weebly instead.


Wow! Your a pro at this now haahaha!


What the crap?
Ana? What?


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