Woohoo! Much success on my previous post. Thanks much guys! (Additional 147 pageviews! I'm proud of that too!) And okay, I hope that title up there doesn't become some sort of thing I end up doing where I think of an adjective for each day of the week.

Ooon we go!
Day 19/20, holy cow. Today wasn't terrible.. I suppose. We, speaking as the two of us, bff and I spent a total of two hours on a single test. Then again, it was out of 72 marks. Like you gotta be kidding me. Lay us off a break Mr. R. (Still, I think you're preeetty cool.) Also mey mey, the cutest little half mexican/japanese pharmacist to be Asian chick did such a good job today! I'm so proud of you sweetie! Hehe! We're going to celebrate tomorrow like its 1999! Don't you forget it sweetcheeks! The summer mood is really looking up these days. The burden of this "summer school" is almost completely off my shoulders. I just have a final exam tomorrow, to which I should be studying diligently right now.. Awwh well.

What happens, happens. (:

Haha and I'm sorry. I'm apologizing for this crap of a post. The bags under my eyes are as deep as the big black holes in outer space. So warped. I also felt I needed to make a post since I haven't done it in so long. Hopefully, I shall make things more interesting tomorrow.

Till then,

                                                                    tired dee.

ps: Ate lots of ice cream while on a business trip with my daddy. (:

You better keep posting! i think im going to make one to. =)


u never post nemore lol


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