Hey, whats up! (What a guyy)

It's 25 degrees C here! Can you believe it? Amagawd, it's so nice outside! I went out for a couple of minutes-hours to do a couple of errands but wow, I really love this kind of weather. Considering I live in Canada, the great north, where we ride polar bears to school, hunt seals and live in igloos. (No offence to further north of here) Just kidding around, honestly, Canada isn't really even that cold... just sometimes or even most of the time.. (Wow, if that makes any sense.)

So, here I am. Sitting inside my house typing out my 2nd blog post. You know what? I think I might actually commit myself to blogging daily or like at least more than once a month. So on forth mate, like I was saying, I'm inside cooped in a house while the day is nice and sunny. Not that I mind since I can't really go anywhere anyways. Been trying to work on that tan but it's going nowhere since I refuse to show off my fatty legs. (DN I know you're going to read this.) Well forgive mee for not wanting to wear some sexy short shorts, but I'm inside most of the time so it really won't help.

Ya got that woman? Besides, like this chick (DN in her blog) once said, "Summer school is in a box." Or.. something along the lines of that, my Chemistry class room has no windows and the AC is always on full blast or something because I'm always freezing my crack off there. So hah, good solid reason to not wear short shorts.

Speaking of which about Chemistry, I think my teacher is pretty cool. We call him Mr. R_____ or rather some people call him teacher. He sometimes rambles off about nothing when teaching a lesson and I think it does help since we (the class) are practically cooped up in there for 6 hours and with only 3 ten minute breaks that really don't last long. But really, I think he helps us get through the day. I mean I come there completely exhausted. One for the fact I stay up late doing nothing but chatting to a couple of friends on MSN, you know who you are, two, this is summer who gives a crap, and three, Seriously? Waking up at 6:30 AM to get ready and then leave around 7:20-30 to get to school at 8:00 really isn't my kind of thing. As a matter of fact why the heck am I taking this course anyways? Oh right, I need to redo it because my EX-TEACHER screwed me over with her lameass philosophy. (DN, you're obviously taking it with me because you can't stand to be without me. HAHA!)

But yeaah going back to the present, I think Mr. R_____ is cool. Really laidback and rambles off about nothing. Just saying, you need to make a point to your stories haha. He's like that dad from modern family! No, seriously!
                          "These are the best days of your lives."
                                              Mr. R

Well, I think they're similar. If you haven't watched modern family yet, DO IT NOW.  When a cool dad thinks he knows the internet lingo, tries to stay hip and not knowing hes crossed that boundary of a parent to friend, this guy plays the role well! Not that I know his name, but I think him and Mr. R are really closely related personality wise. (Just add some white hair on that dude and he'll pass for a Mr. R)

Oh by the way if you're wondering why that title is as it is, it's a saying Mr. R always says. When we're all grumbling about how we all have lives after 1:05 PM (When my class ends) or how stupid Chemistry is, he says this. Technically, I think it's true for most cases. Instead of being in Chemistry class, learning about the solubility of some whogivesacrap ion we could be upstairs roofing the school and smelling like roof tar.  (Okay example I guess.)

Okay well I ought to be studying for Chemistry, testtestrest tomorrow.
(Ohyah, my sony laptop > dn's toshiba laptop)

Till then, see you later!


PS. K I hope you have a fun trip in the US! (forgot where you were going, for some reason I'm thinking Seattle or California.. or wait is it LA?)

PSS. I don't feel like studying. ):
7/15/2010 11:06:54 am

ok first off to set the records straight,
my AWESOME toshiba > your lame sony anyday :].

Secondly, sure we're in a room for yes 6 hours (or more) but we tend to go out after school like... everyday lol. AND your the ones who's complaining about "oh i want a tan blahblah.." D< SO SHOW OFF EM SEXY LEGS WOMAN.

Thirdly, yes i can't be away from you cause i love you....

PFFT MY ASS don't tell me you were actually expecting me to say that rofl.

oh wow do i got alot to say LOL


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