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Woohoo! Much success on my previous post. Thanks much guys! (Additional 147 pageviews! I'm proud of that too!) And okay, I hope that title up there doesn't become some sort of thing I end up doing where I think of an adjective for each day of the week.

Ooon we go!
Day 19/20, holy cow. Today wasn't terrible.. I suppose. We, speaking as the two of us, bff and I spent a total of two hours on a single test. Then again, it was out of 72 marks. Like you gotta be kidding me. Lay us off a break Mr. R. (Still, I think you're preeetty cool.) Also mey mey, the cutest little half mexican/japanese pharmacist to be Asian chick did such a good job today! I'm so proud of you sweetie! Hehe! We're going to celebrate tomorrow like its 1999! Don't you forget it sweetcheeks! The summer mood is really looking up these days. The burden of this "summer school" is almost completely off my shoulders. I just have a final exam tomorrow, to which I should be studying diligently right now.. Awwh well.

What happens, happens. (:

Haha and I'm sorry. I'm apologizing for this crap of a post. The bags under my eyes are as deep as the big black holes in outer space. So warped. I also felt I needed to make a post since I haven't done it in so long. Hopefully, I shall make things more interesting tomorrow.

Till then,

                                                                    tired dee.

ps: Ate lots of ice cream while on a business trip with my daddy. (:
So how bout em Fridays?
Heck to the freakin yes amirite? Haha. (:
Now how exactly do I start this off? Well, I guess I should say thanks to all those who commented! Not minding the fact I know who you guys are in real life, but it makes me so happy to know you're interested in my life. *sniff* ; A ; Also, finally got a song playing... to which I owe that to d.n who is drama/anime/asian crazy. I'll probably change the music once in awhile, def not that you care or anything... puhaha.

So here we are, day 15/20. The end is so near I could almost "taste" it. Don't read too much into it K because I know you will. Chemistry 12 was almost as painful as it was two days ago. We're finally on the last unit and I'm so proud of myself that I didn't Asian fail yet. Besides the fact that me and d.n are always desperately looking at the time to see when the heck the break will even start, these past two days at 1:20 PM, we fed ourselves to a sexy feast. Yes, that's right. Sushi! I think I fell in love with the new roll we decided to try out at MIDORI. So full of crunchiness, hence the name "Crunchy Roll" and so full of fattyness. Seriously, who ever said diamonds were a girls best friend? I'd take this handful of ricey goodness over that any day. Yes, this is including you too d.n. I LOVE LOVE that roll more than I'll ever appreciate your own existence. Sizzzleee, you got scorched. Okay maybe that was a bit mean.. (ILU)

Anyhow.. here we are, finally at the best day of the week. FRIDAY. Though I got loads of homework, a really hard test on Monday and several health appointments with crazy old ladies, I'm a happy camper! To add onto that happiness I also found my phone! It was in the side pocket of my hurley jacket. (PHEW) Thank goodness, ohyeah, I've been driving legally now a days too! AND to add onto that, I STOLE SOMEONE'S N! (New Driver's Sticker)

I am such a badass. REBEL. BAMF <-- actually not to that point yet. Maybe just an overexcited asian chick who found the thrill of stealing someone's N. Regardless, I felt so proud of myself. (:

You have no idea how crazy it was! d.n caught it all on camera! There were two cops, a biker gang to the left of the MIDORI restaurant and a bunch of old ladies. I slyly walked up to a beautiful nice red car who had a really nice green N sticker attached to back and swiped it like a pro. (Actually, thats not how the story goes, but I gave you the really cool details of it.)

BUT HONESTLY, this was just payback. You swipe my N, I swipe yours.     


Okay, I think that was enough excitement for one whole post. Hope to enjoy the rest of the weekend and I probably will considering this beautiful weather. Will def update some other time.

See you later!

                                                             dee. the sushi enthusiast and N thief.

PS: Fridays are the best. c:
So much for blogging for days straight in a row huh?
Well, at least it goes to show to peeps like you that I have other things to do in my life. (Not really...) In truth, I'm just one lazy gal. Anyhow, I can't believe it, day 13/20. Now really, this was the most boring-est class ever in Chemistry 12. "lyke omg stfu already!" I couldn't grasp anything, mindless taking the course a second time. If it weren't for me having a pen propped between my fingers and a paper that was screaming DRAW ON ME, I would have fell asleep in that class. No joke. I feel exhausted. (Yes, sitting on a metal stool for 6 hours can do that to you.) Grrr, I hate chemistry. ):

I think what I need right now is a fresh dish of spicy chop scallop rolls (sushi obviously) or maybe just sleep. Since I'm poor, I think I'll settle for a nice nap and dry noodles with eggies that I'll whip up in a few minutes when I get my ass off here. (Then again, sleep overall sounds nice. Don't need to do anything but just lay there.) Oh yeah, what even makes this day even more depressing is that I can't find my cell. Sigh, I lost it on monday for sure but I don't know where. I'm hoping I left it at my friend A.S's house when we did that illegal stuff. (Smoking bong, yes. JK. ) Here's to my cell:  PLEASE COME BACK TO ME. I NEVER MEANT ANYTHING BAD TO HAPPEN TO YOU. FORGIVE ME AND WE'LL FIGURE OUT THIS MESS. I WON'T LEAVE YOU FOR A NEW PHONE IN SEPTEMBER. I PROMISE. (Nah, I jk. But seriously phone, come back to me. ): )

Annnd now, I'm really hungry. Off I go.
I hope I find you phone.


Oh yes, thanks to a certain someone for driving me home today since I didn't have my car. I appreciate it, though doubt you'd be reading this on my blog. (:
My awesome drawing in chem 12 in case you were wondering. c:

Hey there inmates!
I just woke up from a deep slumber and I feel completely energized! Listening to one republic because they're a really good band. This may be my 3rd post in a row, considering right now when I'm glancing at the clock in the bottom right corner of my computer screen it says 11:43 PM. Let's make a miracle here! So as things go today, I actually don't really have a thing I can focus this post on about. Not like it matters much anyways, a post is a post right? I was just thinking a little bit when I woke up (surprise, surprise!), August is the actual starting point of summer for me. It is isn't it? I mean, I'll be busy with summer school until then, plus PNE (amusement theme park) opens up in August and that's when most of the festivals start for my family's Ice cream business. (Not like any of you guys care if you're even there..) Super excited but not really. (:

Well, just a little food for thought while I stay cooped up in that box for July. As for today, just right after school I drove DN and MC to AS's house. A bit confusing but I'm not going to pick out any names. All was good until I realized, "SHIT- I don't have my wallet..." Now why is that considered crappy? Well, not having my wallet also means I don't have my license with me. Blaah, bad, bad, bad. (Then again, I illegally drove the car for a month without a license, that was until I noticed it wasn't in there! Not my fault honestly!) Well anyhow, it's been awhile since I've been to AS's house (shes this pretty cool chick with a pretty bi polar attitude.) MC, who is completely scared of dogs freaked out when chi-boy came down to the basement, and hes a chihuahua. (DN you also freaked out you weird girl, you own a couple of dogs yourself!) Scared the crap out of me, jesus girls. After a bit of chilling around as I was anticipating some food (Thanks much AS) I ILLEGALLY drove all of us to the nearest gas station. Much emphasis on the word, makes me feel like a BAMF.. well not really, just really rebel! Anyhow, I was pretty scared so I guess that really doesn't make me a rebel. Considering my experience with cars, I think it's best I ALWAYS have my crap inside the car at all times before I drive without it.

So lesson learned? I don't quite think so but it filled this empty void of a box for a while. Alright, I think I made it before tomorrow. (11:56 PM right now) See you around till then,


Hey, whats up! (What a guyy)

It's 25 degrees C here! Can you believe it? Amagawd, it's so nice outside! I went out for a couple of minutes-hours to do a couple of errands but wow, I really love this kind of weather. Considering I live in Canada, the great north, where we ride polar bears to school, hunt seals and live in igloos. (No offence to further north of here) Just kidding around, honestly, Canada isn't really even that cold... just sometimes or even most of the time.. (Wow, if that makes any sense.)

So, here I am. Sitting inside my house typing out my 2nd blog post. You know what? I think I might actually commit myself to blogging daily or like at least more than once a month. So on forth mate, like I was saying, I'm inside cooped in a house while the day is nice and sunny. Not that I mind since I can't really go anywhere anyways. Been trying to work on that tan but it's going nowhere since I refuse to show off my fatty legs. (DN I know you're going to read this.) Well forgive mee for not wanting to wear some sexy short shorts, but I'm inside most of the time so it really won't help.

Ya got that woman? Besides, like this chick (DN in her blog) once said, "Summer school is in a box." Or.. something along the lines of that, my Chemistry class room has no windows and the AC is always on full blast or something because I'm always freezing my crack off there. So hah, good solid reason to not wear short shorts.

Speaking of which about Chemistry, I think my teacher is pretty cool. We call him Mr. R_____ or rather some people call him teacher. He sometimes rambles off about nothing when teaching a lesson and I think it does help since we (the class) are practically cooped up in there for 6 hours and with only 3 ten minute breaks that really don't last long. But really, I think he helps us get through the day. I mean I come there completely exhausted. One for the fact I stay up late doing nothing but chatting to a couple of friends on MSN, you know who you are, two, this is summer who gives a crap, and three, Seriously? Waking up at 6:30 AM to get ready and then leave around 7:20-30 to get to school at 8:00 really isn't my kind of thing. As a matter of fact why the heck am I taking this course anyways? Oh right, I need to redo it because my EX-TEACHER screwed me over with her lameass philosophy. (DN, you're obviously taking it with me because you can't stand to be without me. HAHA!)

But yeaah going back to the present, I think Mr. R_____ is cool. Really laidback and rambles off about nothing. Just saying, you need to make a point to your stories haha. He's like that dad from modern family! No, seriously!
                          "These are the best days of your lives."
                                              Mr. R

Well, I think they're similar. If you haven't watched modern family yet, DO IT NOW.  When a cool dad thinks he knows the internet lingo, tries to stay hip and not knowing hes crossed that boundary of a parent to friend, this guy plays the role well! Not that I know his name, but I think him and Mr. R are really closely related personality wise. (Just add some white hair on that dude and he'll pass for a Mr. R)

Oh by the way if you're wondering why that title is as it is, it's a saying Mr. R always says. When we're all grumbling about how we all have lives after 1:05 PM (When my class ends) or how stupid Chemistry is, he says this. Technically, I think it's true for most cases. Instead of being in Chemistry class, learning about the solubility of some whogivesacrap ion we could be upstairs roofing the school and smelling like roof tar.  (Okay example I guess.)

Okay well I ought to be studying for Chemistry, testtestrest tomorrow.
(Ohyah, my sony laptop > dn's toshiba laptop)

Till then, see you later!


PS. K I hope you have a fun trip in the US! (forgot where you were going, for some reason I'm thinking Seattle or California.. or wait is it LA?)

PSS. I don't feel like studying. ):
So guess what?
THIS IS MY FIRST POST! Haha yeah, as if that wasn't obvious enough captain. So uh, really, you're putting me on the spot here! I don't really have much to say! Well, let's just start it off this way.

I love, love, love, LOVE food. Preferably dessert more than an actual meal. I don't think I could ever pass up something that fills my tummy unless I was sick or just not in the mood. But srsly, who would pass up dessert? Also uhm.. I just recently graduated from highschool. Yes, growing up is such a pain but I guess it's necessary. It's a bit sad since everyone's going their own ways and I'm still staying here in this little wee town. Well, whatever. Make the best out of life right? Oooh yeah, what else am I forgetting? Right, ASIAN. Haha okay, that's not really important. (How bout' CANADIAN?)

All in all, to sum myself up, I've just been released out of treacherous (actually I miss it..) long years of K - GR. 12 in public schooling. I have no idea what I plan to do with my life and I'm jobless. :D

Sound's good? Haha, that's just the beginning of it.
(No, actually.. that sounds really depressing.)

Well, you get the drift. (As most blogs go about)
Now since I think I did such a terrific job on the introductory post I can now start ranting. RANTRANTRANT.

Now to end this with a catchy little thinger people often do with their blogs... uh, see ya later?


PS. I should be doing my Chemistry homework, but I'm fooling around on weebly instead.