Hey there inmates!
I just woke up from a deep slumber and I feel completely energized! Listening to one republic because they're a really good band. This may be my 3rd post in a row, considering right now when I'm glancing at the clock in the bottom right corner of my computer screen it says 11:43 PM. Let's make a miracle here! So as things go today, I actually don't really have a thing I can focus this post on about. Not like it matters much anyways, a post is a post right? I was just thinking a little bit when I woke up (surprise, surprise!), August is the actual starting point of summer for me. It is isn't it? I mean, I'll be busy with summer school until then, plus PNE (amusement theme park) opens up in August and that's when most of the festivals start for my family's Ice cream business. (Not like any of you guys care if you're even there..) Super excited but not really. (:

Well, just a little food for thought while I stay cooped up in that box for July. As for today, just right after school I drove DN and MC to AS's house. A bit confusing but I'm not going to pick out any names. All was good until I realized, "SHIT- I don't have my wallet..." Now why is that considered crappy? Well, not having my wallet also means I don't have my license with me. Blaah, bad, bad, bad. (Then again, I illegally drove the car for a month without a license, that was until I noticed it wasn't in there! Not my fault honestly!) Well anyhow, it's been awhile since I've been to AS's house (shes this pretty cool chick with a pretty bi polar attitude.) MC, who is completely scared of dogs freaked out when chi-boy came down to the basement, and hes a chihuahua. (DN you also freaked out you weird girl, you own a couple of dogs yourself!) Scared the crap out of me, jesus girls. After a bit of chilling around as I was anticipating some food (Thanks much AS) I ILLEGALLY drove all of us to the nearest gas station. Much emphasis on the word, makes me feel like a BAMF.. well not really, just really rebel! Anyhow, I was pretty scared so I guess that really doesn't make me a rebel. Considering my experience with cars, I think it's best I ALWAYS have my crap inside the car at all times before I drive without it.

So lesson learned? I don't quite think so but it filled this empty void of a box for a while. Alright, I think I made it before tomorrow. (11:56 PM right now) See you around till then,


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