Time goes by pretty quickly! Lately, school has been hectic, I've more freedom as well and it seems as though that I am finally breaking free of that parent-to-kid conscious. I have a job now, I drive on a weekly basis, make my own lunch (supposedly supposed to start now) and restrain myself from using any more money than I need to. (That is also commencing.) I'm kind of happy and though University is a huge transition from high school, I still feel as though I slack way too much.

Homework and work alone piles up on that, especially when I work before I do a lab the next day. Socially, I feel a bit awkward and weirded out by how many people from my own high school, people who never once uttered a word to me before, all of a sudden smile to me and ask to hang out as though we were friends for the last 4 years in HS. Uhh, no thank you. Not that I have anything against them or anything, I try to love more so than I want to hate, I rather would like to meet new people and start anew. Thus my total outlook of appearance has begun to change as well.

I honestly hope it's not because of my want to follow the trend, but clothing wise and things that make me look, feel good and sophisticated has piqued my interest. Heck, I've even bought nail polish (to which my dad opposes strongly, since I wait tables and such.) Actually, looking back at on my nails too... maybe I choose too much of a bright color, it's nearly fall-winter here now.

So, that's basically it. If anything else comes to mind I suppose I will type away. May need to start on that list of "things I need to do so I don't get behind my schedule." Of course, I highly doubt that I'll start on that right away because I'm obviously not a good kid. Haha.

You need to start blogging again. Or there will be serious consequences. Seriously. For serious.


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